I do not own any of the characters.  I am simply a fan putting out merchandise I've drawn.
Please do not re-sell my art with an up-charge or steal the designs, thank you!


When does my order ship out?
For KOHI products we do our best to ship products typically every Sunday-Monday.
For HFTW products we do our best to ship products typically every Friday.

How long will it take for me to receive my package?
Domestic - 3-5 days
International - 5 - 14 days or more

You might get an email from paypal or stamps.com that your order has been shipped, but the most accurate way you'll know your order gets shipped is when tictail sends you a message. Paypal/stamps only tells you when your shipping label has been created but not necessarily when we have 100% finished your package and is ready to be dropped off at the post office.

Why are there delays?
There a number of reasons:
1. - Both of us travel to do lots of conventions all around USA, so our time is eaten up and we typically get home Monday night of every convention weekend.
2. - We are a small business, so our stock inventory for online and conventions are usually the same. You might have purchased an item that sold out during this convention so we would need to re-stock and contact our sources (usually from an international company, which will take some time to be produced and shipped to our location).
3. - There are only two people working on this store, so please understand that we are not a big business with lots of time or staff. Sometimes things happen and there are not many other people who can take on the work for us.
4. - For Pre-order items, delays most likely occur because we are trying out a new company with whom we do not have many experiences with. Because of this communication mishaps happen and the reliability of this new company is unpredictable.

When will __(product)__ be restocked?
Please inquire either by @-ing me on twitter publicly, or by tictail messages. Sometimes the count on the store is inaccurate, and an item that is marked sold out might actually not be so feel free to ask me personally !

Where do I contact you if I have any questions/concerns regarding my order?
You may contact us here on twitter, but you could also email us @ staff@homefortheweekend.com 

If I placed an order with you already that has not already been shipped out, can I include an item into my order?
Yes you can! You can message us on tictail (not through email please) and we can discuss how to go about the extra transaction that way you will not need to process a second order and pay double the shipping ! However, if the additional items changes the weight of your overall package drastically, there might be a second shipping charge just to cover the added weight.

Thank you everyone !!